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ComicLab is a program for editing images to create comics and web comics
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ComicLab is a program that helps in the creation of web comics. The first time the application is launched it will ask you to create or open a file (in case of a previously made project). This way you can set a name and other attributes to a file that might be subject to further changes.

The options menu allows you to add or remove frames and arrange them at will, make them bigger, smaller, rotate, create a mirror image, etc. It also has the option of uploading our favorite images to fill the frames, and place balloons of dialogue, thought, whisper, and narrator, in which we can write whatever we want and change the size, font, and color of our text. The menu also has an option that allows you to edit clip arts that can be used as characters in the story. Then you can add modified clip arts as needed.

An interesting feature is that you can add audio and/or video to enhance your web-comic. The project can be saved at any time, and then load a new project, no limits on the number of pages to create. The program saves the file in WCB format.

Augusto Rivera
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  • User-friendly interface
  • No previous knowledge required to use this program
  • Easy to use


  • You do not have many options for editing
  • No undo button
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